Uttar Pradesh: Teachers caught sending students to get slippers repaired

Standard Instruction Officer Santosh Dev Pandey has been presented that the clip afterwards he also suspended the educator Reena Gupta and chased the expert services of Rajni Gupta. A question has been instituted in to the episode.

Additionally, there has been instances at which clean bathrooms kids in government colleges have been manufactured to sweep off the floors and sometimes even scrub utensils.
An educator at Ayodhya’s Khajurahat authorities chief school was suspended plus also a’Shiksha Mitra’ (adhoc ) at an identical faculty was declared for delivering faculty kiddies to receive her slippers adjusted.

The reporter, faced A online video at that three kids were spotted using a purse.

“Kids arrive at college to analyze and actions is going to be obtained securely if some team member causes them to perform every work,” he explained.
The kiddies stated the Shiksha Mitra Rajni Gupta experienced shipped to receive her slippers.

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