Uber’s cab will be booked soon via SMS and call

Uber is trying to make the cab booking process easier in India through its platform. The company is wishing that customers on its platform can now book cabs through calls and SMS in their preferred regional language. These steps are being taken by the company with the aim of providing Uber ride to the customers having less knowledge of the technology.Currently testing of this service is going on.

This feature will also work for those customers, who get stuck somewhere without any 4G connection. According to reports, the company is starting a call center under the pilot project, so that riders will be able to book cabs. This is the first time Uber is going to start offline booking. The company was started under an app-based service.

Till now Uber had not started the call center based booking system because the company did not want to spend it. However, now the company is preparing to open local call centers to attract local customers. The company has a call center for drivers. This new feature will help those customers, who have difficulty in booking online.

An Uber India official told BusinessLine that we want people to book a ride in their local language via SMS or call. Along with this, the officer also said that it is not only access to the local language, but it is also better for those who have trouble running the app

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