Kashmiri Saffron is 2000 years old history of UK-US collision

Today, Kashmir, which has got settled on the heavenly paradise, is making headlines not for its beautiful litigants and saffron, but for Article 370. On Monday, suddenly the Modi government decided to remove article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir.

Saffron sprouts in Kashmir are famous all over the world. Saffron is cultivated in Kashmir’s Pampur and Kishtwar in Jammu. People have to pay a hefty price to buy saffron here.

Saffron has also been used in Ayurveda to treat beauty, taste and diseases. But do you know when and where was the origin of this saffron full of qualities. Let’s know what is the whole truth of this saffron story that started 2000 years ago.      

It is said about saffron that the cultivation of saffron was first started in the Kashmir Valley, especially in the Pampore region in 550, which is still being done till date. Kashmiri saffron gives a tough competition to the taste and quality of saffron grown in Britain.

Royal saffron

Among the purple flowers of saffron, which are red fibers, one gets the best type of saffron, which is also known as royal saffron. By the way, a flower has three to seven fibers and once its seed is planted, it lives for 10 to 15 years.

How was the name of Saffron linked to Kashmir ?

According to a legend, about 800 years ago a Sufi saint came to Kashmir. It is believed that these Sufi saints brought with them some saffron plants from the Middle East. But when he fell ill once, a local hakeem treated him. Due to which he was happy that in return he gave a plant of saffron. This is how the saffron plant came to Kashmir.

Historians do not agree with Sufi saint’s story

Some historians of Kashmir did not agree with this legend. Mohammad Yusuf Tang, an expert and poet of Kashmir’s ancient culture, says that saffron was produced in Kashmir even 2000 years ago. Which is also mentioned in the stories of the Tantric Hindu king here.According to Professor Tang, the traders of Kashmir also traded saffron with ancient Athens, Rome and Iran.

Ancient tradition-

According to the people who cultivate saffron here, the practice of cultivating saffron is about 2000 years old. Because of which the method of cultivating saffron and after reaching it to the fields, every method of growing saffron is absolutely ancient.

Saffron flower

Saffron flower is purple in color. There are three red spots in the middle of each flower.Nothing is thrown from the saffron flowers. Petals are eaten as vegetables. The stalks are given to the animals to eat and the rest is the real saffron. It also has different types.

Which saffron is the purest

Red spots or stains are the most pure type of saffron, which is most in demand. After this comes the number of stamens and finally a mixed mixture of all these, which is the cheapest kind of saffron. Farmers keep it with themselves.

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